Wild wild North

My life 350 km north of the Arctic circle

Early birds

Actually, I’m very much a night person. I’m known to be unable to go to bed before 2 AM and to never ever voluntarily get up before half past 9. I’ve always been highly suspicious of people who appear to be in high spirits before noon. The early bird could catch whatever it wanted, as long as it’d leave me alone. During the dark winter up here, I even preferred 10 minutes of extra sleep over my otherwise sacred breakfast. That’s how it used to be, at least.
Nowadays, I rarely go to sleep after midnight, and I cheerfully get up before 8 AM – voluntarily. I’d often laugh at my alarm clock for being too late, because I was already up. Even at the weekends I could be spotted shoveling snow and carrying water in the early morning.

So what caused this amazing change? I guess it was a mixture of lacking (or perhaps not so lacking) internet access, the momentum that comes with the ever increasing amount of daylight, this view:

…and those damned birds that just can’t shut up. I’d always thought of seagulls as acustically rather low-key, but what they are currently up to can only be referred to as yelling. Between 6 and 7 AM, while I’m still somewhere between sleep and wake, it already sounds like I’ve got a monkey cage right outside my window. I’m able to block out the noise for a while, but at 8 AM at the latest I give in. At least that gives me more time to admire my fantastic view. When the sun shines so wonderfully and the air is so clear and the sea like a mirror, I instantly make peace with my monkey gulls.

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