Wild wild North

My life 350 km north of the Arctic circle

Resources for World Changers

These are the inspiring films, books etc. that the lovely people participating in the workshop “Concrete tools for world changers: builders of a sustainable Europe” suggested (and that I could identify). I take no responsibility for the contents, I haven’t even had the time to check all of them out.
(Why I added this page to my Arctic blog? Because it belongs to my life, and because we’ll have to change the world if we want to keep the Arctic as beautiful and wild as it is.)


“Home Alone 1 + 2”? The popular comedy? Ok…

Home – the movie

“Cradle to Cradle” – That’s a design concept, but I guess this book was meant. Here‘s a TED talk by the author.

La Educación Prohibida (The Forbidden Education)

OECD Better Life Index

L’homme qui plantait des arbres (The man who planted trees) – “poetic animation”: youtube in French and English, English text

“Watch the movie Fight Club => over-consumption in the contemporary life”

HAPPY – the movie: “an awesome documentary => positive psychology, Gross Domestic Happiness, people around the world”

Wikiprogress“Wikiprogress is a global platform for sharing information in order to evaluate social, environmental and economic progress.”


The Empathic Civilization

Zeitgeist – the movie

The Hydrogen Economy

Permies – “rocket mass heater” (?)

A farm for the future

Marx: The Capital – You should be able to get that one in any library, here’s a reading in free video lectures

Ishmael (philosophical novel)

The Power of Community: How Cuba survived Peak Oil (We watched that one during the workshop)

Sin Nombre
– on the drug war in Central America (apparently among the USB data that I never got :/)

Island (novel by Aldous Huxley)

Comprar, tirar, comprar (Spanish, on planned obsolescence)


Energy, let’s save it!

Dos tomates y dos destinos

Living Waters – Callum Coats? Did you mean Living Energies, Marie..?

Comments and additions welcome 🙂

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