Wild wild North

My life 350 km north of the Arctic circle

Coming home

This is how my sweet home greeted me the day after I got back from Oslo, September 17.

[Short note]

The few posts you find below are old, I never really got around to taking care of this blog. Just added a couple more photos because I wanted to give you all an impression of what it’s like up here.

From Norway with love, not war

I was actually going to write a cheerful text. About how I’m enjoying this fading Northern summer to the fullest. How I’ve made friends with my fancy new mountainbike and started to explore the surrounding islands. How I got to show huskies, polar heroes and the Lofoten islands to impressed tourists. Then some sick guy appeared out of nowhere and shot down the whole country’s mood, a precious part of its democratically engaged youth and probably its light-hearted attitude for which it had been admired, ridiculed and envied.
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Early birds

Actually, I’m very much a night person. I’m known to be unable to go to bed before 2 AM and to never ever voluntarily get up before half past 9. I’ve always been highly suspicious of people who appear to be in high spirits before noon. The early bird could catch whatever it wanted, as long as it’d leave me alone. During the dark winter up here, I even preferred 10 minutes of extra sleep over my otherwise sacred breakfast. That’s how it used to be, at least. Read more of this post

Silent fireworks

I’ve had kind and very lucky guests visiting from Germany. The weather forecast had been dim, just like during the weeks before. The evening of their arrival was supposed to be the only cloud-free one of the week, otherwise it’d be all overcast with a bit of snow. So my guests would only have one single chance to see the famous northern lights everyone was so crazy about. I wasn’t too optimistic – I hadn’t seen any decent lights in a long while, and the “high season” was supposed to end in February. Thus I didn’t bother with bringing my camera along when we decided to go for a little walk after seeing a bit of a glow above the horizon. Read more of this post

Winter in Tromsø

Polar night gallery


I’m going to try and have an English version of this one here. I don’t know when I’ll get around to translating anything substantial, but I’m going to upload some pictures at least.